This work is an attempt to interpret, emotionally and intellectually, my relationship with the natural world. I use the word “interpret” because nature does speak in a way, although in a language that to our ears sounds increasingly foreign and yet eerily familiar.

I use a vocabulary made up of objects (sometimes found, sometimes manufactured) that are combined to form a type of spare, visual prose. This work is intended to be understood both literally and metaphorically. Literally, they are actual rocks, tree limbs, bones, mechanical objects, etc. Metaphorically, joined into these new relationships, they begin to speak about more than what they are individually. Perhaps they say, This is love. This is myth. This is death. This is waste. This is beauty. 

These interpretations might be difficult to understand at first, but my hope is that as you read these obscure pieces of stone, tree, bone, and metal, a passage will be written in your own words about their meaning in your life.

Scroll through the images below and click on the piece that interests you for more details and images.