Creating is a process…

that weaves together what I experience sensually and intellectually into a tangible form that excites and inspires both myself and the viewer. Whether as an artist, designer, or poet, or some combination of the three, I am continually trying to translate what I experience into something with depth and meaning beyond just surface appearance. While I acknowledge that surfaces are often very important, they are not for me at least, an end point.

My academic background includes an undergraduate degree in art, plus two graduate degrees — an MA in photography and an MFA in design. Additionally I have taught graphic design, typography and photography at several universities and community colleges in southern California.

As an artist my work has been exhibited at numerous venues over the past several decades. As a design professional I have successfully completed hundreds of challenging assignments ranging from branding to posters, brochures, and interpretive exhibits. 

I have been a creative all of my adult life — going on five decades now. I hope to continue this process for the foreseeable future.