Ascension Portfolio Book

Broadsides traditionally place the text of the poem and the accompanying imagery on the same surface or page. This series of letterpress prints place the primary imagery and even the poem’s title on a translucent wrapper. To read the poem viewers must remove the text/poem from the wrapper. Passing through, in a sense, the visual imagery to read the poem.

This portfolio-book was produced in a small edition of ten, each holding seven poems with their unique hand-cut wrappers, plus a cover page and colophon. Each page is 4”W x 10”H. A detailed list of credits, techniques, and materials is in the included colophon. During this lengthy project I received essential help from a number of individuals that I will thank here: Russ Kerr, lent me the use of his beautiful bird photographs to serve as source material for my graphic illustrations; Mark Kirchner, crafted the cloth covered clam-shell boxes and foil stamped the lid of each; Yoshiko Yamamoto, Arts and Crafts Press, for the letterpress printing of each poem; Bounnak Singbandith, printed the translucent wrappers.